ZOOMOL RFORCE SYN 8720LA RF1 10W-40 is high performance synthetic Diesel Engine oil for use in modern high performance, diesel engines designed to meet the latest exhaust emission standards. It is formulated with “Low SAPS” additive technology to provide the highest level of compatibility with advanced aftertreatment systems. It is a stay-in-grade oil providing excellent control of piston cleanliness, liner wear, soot handling and lubricant stability. While this oil is recommended for modern highly rated diesel engines meeting Euro VI emission standards and running under very severe conditions such as extended oil drain intervals, it also has tremendous reverse compatibility for use in older engines meeting lower emission standards such as Euro V, Euro IV and Euro III. It is suitable for EGR engines with or without Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and for engines fitted with SCR NOx reduction systems. This oil is eminently suitable for low emission diesel engines fitted with DPF in combination with low sulphur diesel fuel.