Passenger Car motor oil is specially designed engine oils for use in gasoline as well in Diesel powered passenger cars and SUV’s. A good quality engine oil helps in providing a better lubrication to the engine parts of the passenger cars and SUV’s, minimise wear & tear, enhance power, keep the engine clean, reduce sludge formation, carry away the heat, smooth engine functioning and enhance engine life. Passenger Car motor oil are formulated with base oil and further fortified with variety of additives which takes care of various factors as mentioned above. Understanding the specific requirements of the segment of Passenger Car Motor Oil, Raj Petro Specialities with its strong back up of ultramodern R&D Centres and the state-of-the-art manufacturing units have developed a wide range of high quality and performance-based passenger cars engine oils under the brand name of “Zest” which are premium quality synthetic and mineral based engine oil specially recommended for use in all passenger cars manufactured by major OEM’s.