RAWAX hydrocarbon wax blends are designed to protect rubber articles against atmospheric ozone attack by ensuring a tough, dry film on the cured rubber surface. The wax is impervious & long-lasting, giving effective protection throughout the life at the article. 

RAWAX will migrate to the surface of the cured rubber depending on the ambient temperature and the molecular weight and complexity of the wax components present in the blend. RAWAX products can be designed to protect at specific temperatures or to operate over a wider temperature range. RAWAX offers improved mixing efficiency, reduces batch cycle times and ensures controlled migration characteristics to minimize excess bloom. RAWAX products are used in Natural Rubber and Synthetic Polymers industry. 

BIOELECTROL Natural ester (NE) dielectric fluid is derived from natural sources like plant seeds.Generally, it is used for the applications where fire safety, high temperature and environmental protection are utmost important. Natural Esters are used in retro-filling applications too.