KYROS in Greek, meaning “Leader / Master” is a complete range of high performance & technologically advanced Lubricants and Fluids formulated from high end base oils and fortified with advance additive technology. KYROS products are made to meets the international quality standards through QMS and today’s demanding applications and tested to meet machine manufacturer’s requirements. KYROS is leading brand in metalworking and industrial fluids and the broad categories of products include Hydraulic & Machinery Oils, Metalworking Oils & Fluids, Corrosion Preventives, Textile Specialties, Turbine Oils, Heat Transfer Oils, Compressor Oils, Energy Saving Lubricants, Environment Friendly Lubricants, Refrigeration Oils, Cleaners and Greases and Coolants. 

KYROS brand products are extensively used in industries such as Auto OEM & Ancillary, Construction & Mining, Steel & Metal, Engineering, Textile, Power Sector and many more wherein the products are highly suitable for application. 

BIOELECTROL Natural ester (NE) dielectric fluid is derived from natural sources like plant seeds.Generally, it is used for the applications where fire safety, high temperature and environmental protection are utmost important. Natural Esters are used in retro-filling applications too.