A range of high performance insulating oils recognized as a leading brand within the Power Industry. Recognizing the varied requirements for different applications and catering to various equipment like Ultra High Voltage transformers, Large and Medium Power Transformers, Distribution transformers, Instrument transformers, etc. ELECTROL premium insulating oils are offered in many grades to satisfy and exceed the adequacies of various applications. ELECTROL insulating oils are manufactured by adopting latest state-of-art technology in ISO certified facilities with the support of NABL accredited Laboratories. 

ELECTROL premium insulating oils perform exceedingly well in key performance criteria. Formulated with judicious blend of severely refined hydro-cracked a hydro-treated virgin Mineral oils, ELECTROL insulating oils offer very high degree of purity and oxidation stability thereby prolonging the life of power equipment.

BIOELECTROL Natural ester (NE) dielectric fluid is derived from natural sources like plant seeds.Generally, it is used for the applications where fire safety, high temperature and environmental protection are utmost important. Natural Esters are used in retro-filling applications too.