Work Culture

Raj Petro’s organisational culture comprises values, beliefs, attitudes and behavior of its employees that enable the development of a family-like relationship with employees. This culture inspires employees to enthusiastically describe their work as result-oriented and goals-defined. The company respects every employee’s views and opinions and considers them as a strong participant in decision-making.

Raj Petro believes in maintaining complete transparency with employees with regards to policies and compliances for employee benefits, as the firm believes that happy and satisfied employees create a healthy work culture, thus resulting in increased productivity. 

Raj Petro places absolute trust in its employees and hence creates a positive and assertive work environment to enable them to have a complete sense of responsibility and enjoy their work as they aspire for a positive career growth within the organization. The company provides its employees with various learning opportunities through relevant training and guidance. Several employee engagement activities keep them assertive and happy and imbibe in them a positive work environment outlook.

Employee Videos

We thank our amazing team at Raj Petro who have stood with us in this amazing journey and have continued to share their support time and again.