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Conforming to the World’s highest standards of reliability and safety, RAJOL® range of White & Mineral Oils are trusted by millions of manufacturers and their customers for the ultimate in refinement and purity. Used across the globe in the Pharma, Personal Health Care, Food, Agricultural and Industrial segments RAJOL® White & Mineral Oils are offered in a number of grades and viscosities conforming to the latest and most stringent standards of Indian, British, U.S., German, Japanese and other Pharmacopeia norms and standards.

Some of the salient features of RAJOL® White & Mineral Oils are,

  • Highly refined paraffinic mineral oils derived from severely hydrocracked /hydroisomerised base oils of ultimate purity.
  • Chemically and biologically stable products with zero tolerance level for pathogenic bacterial support
  • Totally free from aromatic hydrocarbons for enhanced safety
  • Chemically / biologically inert and totally non carcinogenic in nature and completely trustworthy as ingredients of personal Health care and baby products
  • Colour stable and hydrophobic for longer life and stability
  • High lubrication and insulation properties

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