kyros lubricants - metal working lubricants


Metalworking, one of the most important industry segments, is known for its continuous improvement of the production process. The ever increasing demand for high quality products requires a constant and flexible automation of the metalworking processes and introduction of numerically controlled machines as well as new materials for tools and fluids for cooling. All these developments have led to faster machines, higher permissible cutting temperatures and faster cutting speeds.

Metalworking industry uses huge quantity of cooling fluids and the health aspects of working with these fluids are as important as the need for tools and metal cutting fluids to have a long service life.

Metalworking processes can be divided into two types: MACHINING and DEFORMATION. Metalworking fluids are used in both types of processes. Metalworking fluids perform the two essential functions of COOLING and LUBRICATION. Use of correct metalworking fluid is vital for extending tool life, for providing higher dimensional accuracy and for a better surface finish, leading to efficient production.

Raj Petro offers an exhaustive range of world class high performance water miscible and neat fluids for all types of rough and precision machining operations viz. machining or metal removal and forming for all major materials used in metalworking industry. Products are classified into the following broad groups and include bio-degradable and synthetic grades beside chlorine free, bio-stable, long-life categories.

Tailor made products, designed for specific end applications and are can also be made available on request.

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