Life @ Raj

For over seven decades, Raj Petro Specialities has always prioritized the welfare of its team over all operations. In India, Raj Petro has offices in Chennai and Mumbai and manufacturing units in Chennai and Silvassa (DNH), but its global footprint expands across 95 countries.

Right from its inception, Raj Petro has focused efforts on enhancing work-life balance for its employees, inducing and imbibing various cultural changes and improvements among team members which has helped in improving overall productivity. The company strongly believes in values of hard work and passion, and enthusiastically rewards all such efforts.

Despite its vast operations, Raj Petro has constantly focused on operating in good faith – be it with colleagues, clients, stakeholders or anyone else, for that matter. Regardless of hierarchy, the company’s values remain unchanged, and the focus lies in doing what’s right with an intention to foment a nurturing environment that allows everyone to contribute and evolve.

Raj Petro respects those who are passionate and collaborative, as these values help make the company future-ready, while simultaneously bringing improvements to its various teams. Lubricants and Specialities are a different line of business that can be demanding, and thus requiring patience and constant team support. Raj Petro is committed to providing assistance to those who need it – be it in a professional or personal capacity.

Leveraging the experience of the past seven decades, there is a feeling of anticipation and excitement for what the future holds. The legacy of the company has been nurtured and enhanced over two generations of its Founder - Mr. Chandrakant Anjaria. In this time, new goals have been scripted for the next five decades. The over-riding objective is to be a company with a team that is optimistic, goal-oriented and responsible for their actions.