The Petrochemical Industry is concerned with the production and trade of petrochemicals. It includes all processes across the upstream-midstream-downstream ecosystem. A major part is constituted by the plastics (polymer) industry. 

Petrochemical refers to hydrocarbon organic chemicals produced using petroleum products such as crude oils, natural gas and natural gas condensates as raw materials. The petrochemical industry, which is a part of the chemical industry, differs from the oil refining industry in the use of certain products from the oil refinery as raw material for specific chemical products. 

Various equipment and machinery engaged in the chemical and petrochemical industry consists of agitators, autoclaves, boilers, centrifuges, conveyors, dryers, evaporators, feeders, filters, generators, glass lined equipment, heat exchangers, kettles, mills, mixers, packaging equipment, presses, pumps, reactors, tanks, valves, etc. All of these require various types of lubricants and specialty products. 

Raj Petro Specialities, with its strong back-up of ultramodern R&D centers and state-of-the-art manufacturing units, has developed a wide range of high quality and performance-based lubricants and specialty products required specially for various types of machines and equipment engaged in the chemical and petrochemical industries.