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Though today India is 3rd largest producer of agriculture and food producer, in terms of processed food we are way behind the developed nation. The fruit processing in India is around 2-4% against 70-80% in developed nations and even developing nations like Thailand has reached the level of 30%. In case of value addition, India stands at around 20% against 45% of some developing nations.

India is very diverse and food processing industry traditionally is localized and un-organized. The lack of training on processing training, lower productivity ect leads to higher costs and also limited market reach. There is a urgent need to bring the stakeholders of industry on common platform to share the latest in food processing and how it will help to grow the business.

At FoodPro® 2013, latest technology in food processing, cold storage and warehousing, logistics and related products were exhibited by large number of Indian and International companies at the exhibition spread across 60000 sqft area and was visited by large number of business visitors. We had showcased our foodgrade lubricants and attracted many reputed food processors on our Foodsafe Lubricants.

Raj Petro Specialities Pvt Ltd had sponsored this event and participated in the Conference delivering a presentation on “Foodgrade lubricants for Food processing Industries” creating awareness in the minds of entrepreneurs and food processing machinery manufacturers.


IMTEX - 2013

Imtex 2013 - is the 16th Indian metal cutting Machine Tool Exhibition with International participation. IMTEX series is the largest exhibition of metal - cutting machine tools & manufacturing solutions in South & South-East Asia.

It showcased exhaustive range of innovations & technological refinements in the complete product segment of metal cutting machine tools.

IMTEX 2013 created wide range of opportunities for everyone connected to metal-cutting manufacturing - manufacturers, users, technocrats, researchers, policy-makers, academia & even budding engineers & tech graduates.

Raj Petro Specialities Pvt Ltd particpated in IMTEX 2013 held at Bangalore from 24th to 30th Jan 2013 showcasing its Metalworking products to machinery manufacturers and users who visited the exhibition.

Raj Petro is poised to grow the metalworking business and become a major player in thsi segment.

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