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In India and several countries of the world, ELECTROL® is today synonymous with the most trusted name in transformer oils.
Widely used in transformers, oil immersed circuit breakers and switchgears,

ELECTROL® Transformer oils are mineral electrical insulating oils processed from super refined, carefully selected premium basestocks.

Some of the outstanding attributes of ELECTROL® are

  • Excellent dielectric properties resulting in minimum power loss
  • High resistivity leading to better insulation values between windings
  • High flash point and thermal stability facilitating reduction in evaporation losses
  • Long life performance and excellent ageing characteristics, even under severe electrical stress
  • Virtually devoid of corrosive sulphur, leading to enhanced stability and protection against corrosion
  • Wider operating temperature range, resulting from higher flash and lower pour point
  • Available in a wide range of grades to fit every requirement and meeting every possible specification

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