Unprotected bright metal surfaces are often destroyed by corrosion, particularly through oxidation. Corrosion has an adverse effect on the appearance of metal and it may even interfere with the smooth operation of a machine. Volumetric size of rust is greater than that of the iron from which it is formed and this leads to the creation of surface roughness. It also results in formation of blisters on rusted surfaces.

Corrosion preventives are used to protect metal surfaces against atmospheric effects in the widest sense and prevent the conversion or chemical degradation of metals into their compounds, particularly to their oxides. In general, corrosion would cause a huge damage or loss and the effort and expense involved in applying effective surface protection is only a small fraction of the total cost of the damage.

Rusting of iron is an electrochemical process. In most iron surfaces, small differences in electrochemical potential are usually present and these set up local anodes & cathodes. In presence of air and water, moisture or water acts as an electrolyte, leading to a cathodic reaction on the surface, leading eventually to formation of rust.

The extent of corrosion depends primarily on:

  • The composition and treatment of the materials.
  • Surface quality and the condition of the component.
  • Climatic Influences, such as a maritime climate or a tropical climate encouraging corrosion. The moisture and the temperature have predominant influence on corrosion.
  • Other external influences, such as industrial atmosphere
  • The periods of exposure to various media and the storage environment

In an industrial application, the temporary corrosion preventives primarily provide short-term protection to metallic components or equipment. This protection may be during storage, transportation or between manufacturing processes. The name temporary implies that the products are easily removable, when required, from the metallic surfaces. This is usually done by solvent or alkali degreasing. These products are therefore not designed for the same duties as the permanent protectives, such as paints and metal coatings, which are not intended to be removable after application.

State-of-the-art range of Kyros CORROBAN® Temporary Corrosion Preventives can generally be classified into three main categories:

(A)Soft Film

(B)Hard Film

(C)Oil Protection

Kyros CORROBAN® range of temporary corrosion protectives are formulated from premium oils/ solvents and internationally proven additive packages. Tailor made / niche products meet the most demanding performance criteria.

The extensive range of Kyros CORROBAN® temporary corrosion preventives includes:

  • Kyros CORROBAN® DW Series (05, 10, 20, & 25 DW), T 225 / DW : Dewatering type fluids used for protection of small parts, components, profiles, tools and sensitive metal surfaces.
  • Dewatering cum rust preventive fluids viz.Kyros CORROBAN® 901 DW, 902 DW, 904 DW, 9044 DW & 950 DW also available. These fluids are solvent deposited can be applied directly to water wet metal surfaces, where they displace water, leaving a protective film.
  • Kyros CORROBAN® 61 B / HP: Non-bituminous, heavy duty protection fluid for tube, profiles as also for general purpose applications.
  • Kyros CORROBAN® 63, 630 : General purpose rust preventive oil for protection of sheet metal/ pipe/ fabricated metal surfaces.
  • Kyros CORROBAN® TX 5030 N, 5030 LV, 5140 N, 5140 LV : low viscosity, barium-free corrosion protection oils containing proven rust inhibitors to offer high degree of corrosion resistance to sheet metal and stamped parts. Offer excellent film stability even on vertical surfaces due to the presence of thixotropic additive system. Suitable for protection as well as cleaning of steel strips and blanks to remove dirt prior to stamping.
  • Kyros CORROBAN® TX 5036-05/LV : low viscosity, barium-free prelube type of oil, acts as both corrosion preventive oil and drawing oil.
  • Kyros CORROBAN® 5020 / 120 TX : very high viscosity, mineral oil based corrosion protective which forms a colourless, non-resinating, thixotropic film, offering excellent protection, apart from resisting resin formation. Thixotropic properties of the product eliminate run off.
  • Kyros CORROBAN® 1183 DX : corrosion preventive based on a volatile solvent, which on evaporation, leaves a thin, non-resinating, protective film. This film offers excellent corrosion protection to ferrous, non-ferrous & composite materia1s especially to sintered components.
  • Kyros CORROBAN® MWS –5, MWS 510, WS-10 : Synthetic water miscible corrosion preventive fluids which form very thin but highly protective film.
  • Kyros CORROBAN® MWO 30, MWO 30 / E MWO 3622 : Water miscible corrosion preventive fluids that leave thin oily film for adequate corrosion protection.
  • Kyros CORROBAN®931 N, 931 LV, 720 N : Moderate viscosity corrosion preventive oils with thixotropic properties. Recommended for protection of cold rolled steel sheets.
  • Kyros CORROBAN® 610 DW (M), S/25 DW : Speciality corrosion preventive fluids based on aromatic free volatile solvent, which on evaporation leave a robust non resinating corrosion protecting film that also provides lubricating characteristics.

In addition to the above, tailor-made products designed for specific end applications can also be made available.

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