Onwo range of high performance speciality products include specially formulated Greases and Oils based on synthetic and VHVI base oil to meet international standards. Developed with technology from U.K., Onwo products are manufactured at the Company’s state of the art production unit. Designed to offer effective solutions to difficult lubrication and maintenance needs of the industry, Onwo products withstand extremes of temperatures, high and shock loading, vibrations and high speed under dusty, wet, saturated and chemically corrosive environment. By extending the service life of lubricant as well as components, these products are designed as perpetual problem solvers that result in substantial cost savings and increased production, as compared to limited life achieved with conventional commodity products. Onwo products have been tested and proven in harsh conditions where normal Industrial Lubricants have failed to lubricate. The performance plus products include a complete range of greases & oils, designed to meet the extreme conditions of lubrication in steel, cement, mining, construction, power & automotive industry. 

BIOELECTROL Natural ester (NE) dielectric fluid is derived from natural sources like plant seeds.Generally, it is used for the applications where fire safety, high temperature and environmental protection are utmost important. Natural Esters are used in retro-filling applications too.